Ocean Aware

First Class Yachting is promoting educational programs and inspiring young generations to take actions for protecting the Ocean. 

First Class Yachting Commitment

First Class Yachting is dedicated to raise awareness among people and government authorities about the impact of yachting and human activities on the natural environment and encouraging more eco-friendly behaviour.

We are looking to building partnerships so that projects can be completed successfully and concrete initiatives can be undertaken in its priority spheres of action.

Sailors for the Sea

Sailors for the Sea is a leading conservation organisation that engages, educates, inspires and activates the sailing and boating community toward healing the ocean. They are a movement and pragmatic voice for action that offers boaters tangible opportunities to create a legacy and make a difference.

To discover more about this organisation, please visit: https://www.sailorsforthesea.org 

Water Revolution Foundation

The superyacht industry relies on the health of our oceans. It is our responsibility to work together to ensure we act sustainably, with the goal of neutralising our footprint, preserving the world’s precious oceans and ensuring we have a sustainable business for the future. Water Revolution Foundation was established to drive this change.

To discover more about this organisation, please visit: https://waterrevolutionfoundation.org

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Protecting the Ocean and the Earth for the future of Humanity Establishing a new relationship with Nature was already a major concern for HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco when he decided, in June 2006, to set up a Foundation dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development at local and global level.

Since then, active all over the world, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has sought to bring together scientists, political leaders and economic and civil society stakeholders behind a vital objective for our future – protecting the ocean and the land. The Foundation’s long-term action has led to some encouraging victories being won, whether in safeguarding endangered species or improving living conditions in rural communities by implementing new sustainable and ethical solutions.

To discover more about this organisation, please visit: fpa2.org