Nordic Region

Discover the jewels of the Nordic and Baltic Region that offer some of the earth’s most starkly beautiful and extraordinary landscapes. 

Dramatic landscapes, seas teeming with wildlife, where you explore the fjords and the fairy-tale villages.

Norwegian Fjords & Islands

the Norwegian Fjords and Lofoten Islands are some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on Earth showcase the most dramatic results of the ice age, with some of the deepest fjords in the world and many glaciers still carving high in the mountains and with the deserved reputation of being the ultimate adventure playground. 

The longest fjord stretches 205 kilometres inland and two others are on the UNESCO World Heritage natural site. With local experts, unearth some of the hidden secrets in and around the fjords, with breath-taking scenery around every corner and arguably some of the most striking views on the planet.

Lofoten is also one of the world’s northernmost sites for surfing and one of the best spots in the world to encounter Orcas. An incredible ship-based safari with the unique opportunity to swim with killer whales and humpbacks in the wild Norwegian waters and witness the dancing Northern Lights.

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Baltic Sea

Set out on a sweeping Baltic Sea cruise and discover the charm and traditions of Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Saint Petersbourg.

Whether you head to discover Stockholm, known by locals as the Nordic Venice, or Jurmala in Latvia to find a piece of amber while strolling on the beach, to walk the tiny cobblestone streets of the historic Vilnius in Lithuania. This destination offers culture, adventure and fantastic scenery on an epic scale, the timeless quality of these coastlines have changed little over the past centuries, leaving a unique atmosphere that is best enjoyed from the decks of a luxury yacht.




Iceland is one of the most remote, volcanically active and sparsely populated countries on the planet, making this one of the most adventurous holidays on the planet. Its terrain is equally beautiful as it is diverse, with its mountains, lava fields, glaciers, fjords, and rivers.

Bathe in Iceland’s hot springs that are found across the island and snorkel in glacier meltwater to the only point on Earth where you can swim between tectonic plates. Heli-ski the west fjords and explore national parks of Iceland.

Iceland’s traditions and customs are rooted in the country’s Viking history, creating an offbeat atmosphere which is an intriguing basis for discovery.

Head to Gunnuvher, a bubbling, boiling area of thermal springs and steam vents – also home to Iceland’s largest mud pool. Visit the fishing village of Grindavik set in the lava fields. Immerse yourself in the warm, mineral rich geo-thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon. Stroll to the Kirkufellsfoss – the waterfalls at the base of this spherical mountain. Husavik is a pitoresct fishing town and one of oldest settlements in Iceland dating back to 864. It is the ideal point for whale watching tours and is known as the Whale Capital of Iceland. 

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Greenland & Svalbard

Greenland is the largest island in the world and continues to captivate travelers in search for a luxury adventure holiday, reveal the territories rich history, biodiversity, and white tundra.

Dog sledge your way across the island, taking time to fish the icy waters of Greenland and visit UNESCO world heritage sites that boast some of the finest reconstructions of the Viking era, journeying to access ruins rarely visited. Go on in search of Greenland’s humpbacks, before helicoptering to the edge of glaciers to walk on the ice caps and heli-ski the Maniitsoq area known for its picturesque fjords.

Svalbard is a collection of Norwegian Islands in the Arctic and makes for an unparalleled experience full of diverse wildlife and scenic beauty. 

Explore regions considered off-limits alongside experts before basking in the Northern Lights and midnight sun. Track polar bears and walrus colonies as you cross the tundra by dog sledge. Cruise into glacial valleys, fjords, and abseil into deep crevasses. Dive beneath the surface alongside dive masters to witness guillemots catching fish beneath the surface.

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