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South East Asia

One of the most exciting and unique charter destinations South East Asia capture the senses as well as the imagination with their rich culture, delicious cuisine, architecture, breathtaking and picturesque landscapes, solemn pagodas, deep spirituality and unique histories.

South East Asia includes Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia as well as Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. 


Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago takes in some of the world’s most indisputably unspoiled regions. 

These islands remain in an unspoiled state and some are still uninhabited due to Myanmar’s isolation for 50 years. The islands are mountainous and covered by jungle with some spectacular waterfalls tumbling directly onto white sandy beaches. They are fringed with coral reefs teeming with wildlife.

Cruise to Zet Det Nge Kyunn for picturesque sunrises, a protected anchorage ideal for swimming, snorkeling and strolling on fine white sandy beaches. 

Discover black tip reef sharks and blue spotted rays can be seen while snorkeling off South East Hump. Visit the only land-settled Moken village on a small island of Ko Phawt.

Cruise to Ko Phawt to witness flocks of hornbills  in the trees.  Great Swinton Island is popular for Shark Cave, with an abundance of sealife and an occasional shark spotted in the area. Kyunn Phi Lar South Bay is a horseshoe-shaped bay, also with excellent snorkeling.

Exploring the mangrove estuaries is highly recommended, with the opportunity to sight magnificent pythons snoozing lazily in amongst the branches. These python present no danger to humans.

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Thailand is an exotic country of delightful smiles, flavoursome cuisine, wonderful culture and vibrant landscapes. From an amazingly long coastline blessed with azure waters and abundant islands, to luscious rice paddies, tropical forests and blue mountains. A journey through Thailand bursts with fascinating traditions, sights, sounds and excitements to discover.

Phuket with sublime beaches and a beautiful landscape filled with charming Buddhist temples, you can rotate between engrossing in culturally enriching experiences and simply drifting away to the sounds of the calm seas.

In Krabi province you will satisfy your thirst for marine adventure, with an array of coral reefs and snorkelling hotspots. Take to any type of adventure from water sports to mountain-climbing on this energetic and welcoming island. 

Cruise to Si Kao where you will find spectacular views at the limestone summit of Point Dugongs and discover dugong populations which feed on the surrounding seagrass beds. 

Cruise to Phang Nga Bay, then to Khao Phing Kan, James Bond island.

Kh Naka Yai is well worth a visit for the rare South Sea pearls that are cultivated and sold here. Spend the afternoon swimming with turtles in the sheltered bays

Discover Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Leh, immortalised in the movie ‘The Beach’. Snorkel in Pileh Lagoon, a picturesque swimming inlet known for its clear waters. Visit the Viking Cave in the north to witness the precarious harvesting of birds’ nests used in Thailand's eponymous soup. 

On Koh Lanta island dive off Koh Ha for some stunning underwater photography. Hike through the tropical rainforest and cool down under the Klong Jark Waterfall.

In the Andaman sea the Similan Islands and Surin Island are a must do for the marine life lovers.

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Malaysia & Singapore

Malaysia is a multi-cultural country that delights and inspires. With glorious waterfalls, rainforests teeming with wildlife, dazzling skyscrapers and fascinating museums, Malaysia is a feast for the senses. Perhaps above all, it is a feast for the taste buds, with a unique cuisine that draws influences from India to China, reflecting Malaysia’s diversity and historical role as a center of trade.

From elaborate temples in Georgetown to shopping in Selangor or sampling the great cuisine of Penang Island. Island hop through the magical Langkawi archipelago, 99 beautiful islands that are primarily inhabited by rare birds and beautiful mangrove trees.

Cruise to Palau Singa Besar and enjoy the fine white sandy beaches and excellent views of this wildlife sanctuary and nature reserve. Many local sea eagles, Brahminy Kites and monkeys are in residence here. 

One of Southeast Asia’s major gateways, the island city-state of Singapore has blossomed into a diverse yet modern urban oasis. You’ll see towering skyscrapers, their gleaming exteriors hiding the next great technological breakthrough.

Take in a visit to the National Orchid Garden, a lush oasis boasting a colorful display of 60,000 of these exotic flowers, to understand why Singapore is known as “The Garden City.” 

Visit the Singapore Yacht Show, which has become the premier boat and yacht show in Asia, significantly contributing to the development of the fast-growing ASEAN maritime and luxury lifestyle markets through innovation and creating opportunities – and a touch of glamour.

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Indonesia is home to a vast collection of islands teeming with wildlife and scenic landscape to explore on your luxury holiday, a paradise of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Scuba diving and snorkelling is popular in Indonesia for its variety of marine life to interact with. Kayak through private lagoons and trek through Komodo dragon territory, whilst going in search of Indonesia’s secluded bays and remote islands with deserted beaches.

Discover Bali's eclectic mix of elegant temples, sprawling landscapes, vibrant market streets and surfing beaches. A warm spirit of the Balinese people will immediately help you sink into the blissful state of mind. Ubud is a must see, where art, dance, and music fill the city.

Lombok is a secluded island retreat full of sublime beaches, waterfalls and adventurous treks. Visit the mesmerising Tiu Kelep Waterfall, and be sure to stop by the sea turtle hatchery. The beaches in the south of Lombok are some of the best in Indonesia.

On Sumba, nearly 200 species of birds can be seen, including some found nowhere else in the world. Look for the Sumba Boobook Owl, the Red-Naped Fruit Dove and the Apricot-Breasted Sunbird. 

Visit Sumbawa for a truly authentic experience of local culture. Head into Wera village to see traditional wooden phinisi sailing boats being built. Many of the ritual events of old ways are still performed on this island such as water buffalo racing.

Gili islands are known as the Turtle Capital of the World. Here are amazing coral reefs, you may spot anything including sharks, octopus and manta rays swimming past. The dive sites of Crystal Rock and Castle Rock boast clear waters and a thriving sealife.

Komodo is named after the large colony of Komodo Dragons which inhabit the island. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Komodo National Park is a phenomenal location for hiking, where you will see lizards, wild horses, buffalo and monkeys. Head to the unique Red Beach, where you can lay on the pink-tinted sands.

The secluded Moyo Island is a hidden gem of the Indonesian islands. Moyo is a nature reserve with an unbelievably vast wildlife that includes wild boars, oxen and numerous rare birds. Climb the crater of Tambora for views across the Saleh Bay, Sumbawa and back over to Lombok. 

Another breathtaking destination is the Raja Ampat National Park, which is as remote as it is magnificent. Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Explore the 1,500 islands that boast lush jungles filled with some of the rarest and most exotic birds on the planet.

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Boasting glistening turquoise waters, sacred natural landscapes, and a vibrant mix of eclectic cultures, the Philippines is an undiscovered paradise waiting to be explored. Uncover the secrets of more than 7,600 islands that make up this archipelago.

The capital, Manila, offers fantastic dining and nightlife, while the city of Makati is great for shopping. Café Juanita is the best place to experience traditional food. Try halo-halo, the typical beverage.

Beautiful beaches and resorts can be found on the island of Borocay, the breath-taking Calamian archipelago has remained a secret until recently.

 La Estancia resort is set on the private island of Busuanga, a retreat for those wanting to experience nature and Filipino home cooking.

The Maquinit Hot Springs on a Culion Island are a must do.

For a special view of marine life, sail to the beach on Honda Bay on the island of Palawan. Drift around the lovely islands, then jump into the water at Starfish Island for some snorkeling to see orange starfish, reef fish, and corals.

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Australia & Oceania

Australia dazzles with its contrasting landscapes, among them: the modern skyline of Sydney, the expansive Outback, explore fluorescent Great Barrier Reef and the rarely visited Kimberley Coast. 

Volcanic peaks, lush rainforest, white beaches, coral-filled lagoons – find South Pacific utopia and relax in full tropical splendour.




New Zealand

French Polynesia


New Caledonia