How we sell your yacht

Selling your yacht and Marketing

Selling Your YachtSelling Your Yacht

The most important factor that will influence the sale of your yacht

If you want to get the best price for your yacht, then you must sell your yacht in the shortest time possible. Time is the most important factor for the sale of your yacht, as it will substantially reduce the value of your yacht in 3 specific ways:

Running Costs (the longer your yacht stays on the market, the greater your berthing costs, crew costs, maintenance costs, insurance costs, etc. will continually add up).

Depreciation Cost (the longer your yacht stays on the market the greater the depreciation costs will be).

Market Perception Cost (the longer your yacht is on the market the less desirable it will appear to the marketplace).

You must ensure that your yacht is sold in the shortest amount of time possible to get the best price. First Class Yachting represents the interests of the seller and will be focused on ensuring that the price paid is as high as possible. We propose an exclusive contrat for 6 months minimum and the standard 10% fee for the services we provide. With this arrangement, if another broker finds a buyer, we’ll deduct their commission from our total 10% fee (so you don’t pay any extra commission fees). Simply, we will be paid on a successful completion of the sale.


Yachts features and Analysis

Our Team is working closely with the Broker and Captain. We develop your yachts’ unique selling points, best onboard features, and the benefits she would bring to a potential Buyer or Charterer. We uncover your yacht’s unique story and go beyond features, design and spaces to promote the experience.

Strategy Definition

We define the right market and the most effective tools, multiple platforms and approach for your yacht’s marketing. We track which data is generating most interaction and re-point actions when necessary.

Personalised Content

Based on the platforms identified for the best results, we create a library of assets which may include :

  • - yacht photography,
  • - walkthrough video
  • - interactive 360° tour.

Multiple Platforms Promotion

Our marketing is designed to generate interest and enquiries of qualified clients and prospects. Qualified brokers worldwide will include your yacht in their selections to their clients and new prospects. Through Digital marketing we will advertise on industry specialised websites and yacht media companies, as well as social media to insure maximum digital coverage.

New yachts are exposed at Yacht shows and Luxury events. Open days are organised on board for brokers, client events at major luxury UHNW events including the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival.

Print Marketing editorial coverage is provided in a wide range of luxury and industry publications to appear at the most effective times for your yacht.